Saturday, April 18, 2015

Andy's Angles: Demolition Weekend

The old Audubon Elementary at Mulberry and Colfax in Scranton is coming down.

The school district pulled the kids out of there five years ago because of mold.  Geisinger bought the space two years ago.  No firm plans yet, but at the rate hospitals are expanding around here, it's safe to say you'll see something on the lot soon.

It's sad.  It looks like the students left just yesterday, and they could be back tomorrow.

I was lucky to be in a couple of decent neighborhood elementary schools (and an awful one), and it's too bad children today don't have that opportunity.
It really is a marvelous piece of architecture, unlike the prison like boxes we slam our children in to these days.

Every building has an expiration date.  The Audubon School has reached the end of its life, but you can't help but feel it had some good years left, if we cared about it a little sooner.