Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gun Week

I'm not the first person to say this, and I won't be the last.

Wilkes-Barre had seven people shot in one week, five incidents, two died.  There were assorted other incidents of shots fired, where no one was hit.

It's a society problem.

There's an entire generation with no regard for human life.  Their world is turf and drugs and theft and guns.  Seeing the problem is simple.  The solution is not.

The police department does the best with what it has.  More police officers would be great, but at a time when property owners are taxed to the max, it's not a practical solution.  The so called war on drugs has its victories and losses.   As soon as there's a bust, there are others moving in to capitalize on the arrest.  It's nice to cut off the flow and jail the suppliers.  However, it all seems to temporary, at best.

It really is a shame.  I walked around a public housing project Monday morning.  There are a lot of kids there.  I feared for their safety.  I feared for the potential to be desensitized to violence because it's all around them.

At least, at this point, it appears to be bad guy on bad guy crime.  There are no innocent bystanders hurt-- yet.  The odds have to be catching up with us.  Let's hope the police catch up with the violence first.