Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First Person: Morris

I will admit that parts of my memory elude me, while other images are permanently burned in to my brain.  Newswatch 16 photographer Mike Erat and I were Tweeting back and forth about this over the weekend.  You are owed "the rest of the story."

Morris Wilkins died last week.  Some say he was 89.  Others put his age at 90.  Wilkins co-founded Cove Haven Resort, and is the man responsible for heart shaped bath tubs and seven foot tall champagne glass bath tubs.

 Mike and I were sent to Cove Haven to do a story on Valentine's Day of 2000.  Morris Wilkins was retiring.  He was 74 at the time.

And of course, the part I will never forget.  Wilkins was getting up there in years.  He donned a swimsuit and climbed into one of those tall champagne glass bath tubs.  The swim trunks, obviously, got wet.  They were loose.  They slipped down over Wilkins' backside.  Quite a bit of flesh was exposed.  Keep in mind those champagne glass tubs are crystal clear.

We're in the TV business.  We need pictures, and a lot of what we saw couldn't be aired.  My job is to write to the video, and our video was compromised.  Mike used some creative angles.  We got our story, and Morris Wilkins was a great sport about the whole thing.

Morris Wilkins boosted our area's economy, and he helped put the Poconos on the map as a honeymoon destination.  So many people had so much fun in his creations.  We all owe him a huge "thank you."