Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Scrapple

Jenners and Karsashians:  Enough already!

Ronald Reagan passed away 11 years ago today.  I was engaging in one of my favorite activities yesterday, watching old network TV election returns on YouTube.  My year of choice happened to be 1980, the year Reagan soundly defeated Jimmy Carter.  I was always a Cronkite guy, and 80 was the last year Cronkite headed CBS TV's coverage.  As always, solid as a rock, with an outstanding team around him.  However, ABC's presentation and graphics were far superior to anything else out there.  Frank Reynolds and Ted Koppel anchored.

An anniversary I missed a couple of weeks ago-- former governor Bob Casey passed 15 years ago May 30th.  I was outside St. Peter's Cathedral during the service. A who's who of Pennsylvania politics attended.  It was a fascinating day.  Even if you didn't agree with Casey's views, he was a man of conviction-- even if he got him in to trouble with his own party.

Tomorrow is the 71st anniversary of the Normandy Invasion.  As I've said here many times in the past, I never could figure out why the D Day anniversary isn't a bigger deal in this country.

Some Late Show with Stephen Colbert stuff has been popping up on the internet, and it's mildly amusing.  The logo is disappointing, but I don't know if that's CBS's final choice.  Now that Letterman is gone, I've been sampling the other stuff on at 11:35 PM.  My choice has become radio.

The rash of major interstate crashes here in our area is alarming.  Clearly, our roads aren't built for that much traffic.  It will take decades for expansions.  The only answer I see right now is some serious, really serious, speed enforcement.

I really don't care if American Pharaoh wins the Belmont Stakes, and therefore, the Triple Crown, tomorrow.  There is only one horse:  Secretariat.

I like it on the cool side, but this week was a bit much.  A sign summer is really here:  the Go Joe XVIII promos have started.  I am in awe of Joe's cycling abilities.

The FIFA scandal shows soccer/football is a bigger cesspool than big college sports.

AM 1640 in the Scranton area is still dead.