Thursday, June 25, 2015


I was raised on 60's and 70's game shows.  Don't ask me why I was attracted to them.  It was probably the music and lights.  Strange to say, but I suspect Password and Pyramid helped me improve my vocabulary and quick thinking skills.  My teachers have should done such a good job.

Anyway, To Tell the Truth was one of my favorites.  In fact, it was also the favorite of famed game show producer and packager Mark Goodson.  It was a great show, perfect to play at home.  In a nutshell, three people all claimed to be the same person.  You had to pick the real one through a series of questions from a celebrity panel.

There were TTTT versions in the 50's, 60's, 70's 80's 90's and 00's.  It's been off the air for quite a while.  That's due to change this summer.  ABC is working on a mini series, with Anthony Anderson as the host.  If it works, like Millionaire, you could see a weekday version again.

I can't say I'm without fear.  Take Family Feud, for example.  It's been dumbed down and dirtied up for the new generation.  Richard Dawson's wit and cleverness have been replaced by Steve Harvey's vulgarity.  I should add that the ratings for Family Feud haven't been this high in years.

I'm hoping the new TTTT doesn't go down that road, but who are we kidding?  Of course it will.

Purists, like me, keep an open mind.  It could be very entertaining.  But then again...