Monday, July 13, 2015

About the Cover

I was really late with a new blog header this month, and I apologize.  When I had the time and energy to go out and shoot one, it was raining.

This month is actually the first blog header shot with a camera phone.

This month, we feature the Blakely anchor.  Below is a paragraph from the Blakely Borough web site.

Blakely Borough was created in 1867. It was one of
the first subdivisions carved out of Blakely Township - a
large land area which once encompassed all of the
Lackawanna Valley north of Scranton up to and
including Carbondale. Blakely was named after Captain
Jonathon Blakely, who commanded the American
sloop “Wasp” against the British sloop “Avon” in 1814
on Lake Erie. The anchor from “Wasp” is on display at
Blakely Corners.