Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vote 2016

Well, it's time I weighed in on the whole Donald Trump thing.

He's made some outrageous statements since getting in to the race for the Republican presidential nomination, and he's climbing in the polls.

Whether or not you agree with Trump's positions and statements, he has succeeded in tapping in to the anger a lot of people feel.

He says the things out loud I know candidates and their advisers say behind closed doors.

Donald Trump is bold and he's brash, and he knows how to generate headlines.  Plus, he has $10 billion dollars and he doesn't need your campaign contributions.

Analysis of his candidacy is simple.  Donald Trump is many things, but he is never boring.  Face it, a lot of politics is a bore fest.  If it was exciting, voter turnout would be a lot higher.

Was it wise to generalize immigrants?  No.  Was it smart to attack John McCain?  Again, no.

Other candidates should thank Trump for bringing early interest to the race, and giving them a target, beside President Obama.