Sunday, September 13, 2015

Andy's Angles: The Globe

I think it will take a miracle to fill this one.

The old Globe store on Wyoming Avenue has been empty since a records storage company moved out several months ago.

It makes me sad every time I walk or drive by.

Back to school shopping, visits to Santa, just aimless wandering.  This was the place to be.

It seems like a trial balloon was recently floated to stick county offices, now scattered all over Scranton, in to one place-- the Globe.  The school district complains it will lose almost $ 200,000 in tax revenue, and I get that.  On the other hand-- construction jobs, more workers downtown, life for an empty building...  The trade sounds reasonable.  Plus, the longer the building stays empty, the more likely nothing will happen here.  I'm sure assessments will be decreased over the years.  How will that work out for you?