Thursday, November 5, 2015

About the Cover

Regular blog readers know I have a fascination with cupolas and steeples.  They've been featured as headers many times before.

This month, something a little different-- a cupola that's sitting on the ground.

I spied it at a architectural salvage yard called Olde Good Things.  It's on Providence Road in Scranton, and it caught my eye while I was covering the strike at Scranton High School across the street.

I'd love to have it, but I have no place to put it. I really hope someone buys it, fixes it up, and plops it atop some spectacular building somewhere.

Here's what I found on the company's web site:

This cupola was salvaged from a school building in Pennsylvania. The top is all copper with a tall tapered finial, and the sides are louvered metal. It has a copper bottom.  $35,000