Friday, November 6, 2015

Third and One

This week marks the third anniversary of my gym membership.  Believe it or not, I've been religiously stopping by three times a week for the past three years.

It's nothing major, no heavy lifting.  It's just two hours, each visit, split between the climber, the elliptical, the bike, and the treadmill.  I recently started using this torso twist machine that is supposed to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

My calorie intake still isn't the wisest, but at least I'm burning off much of the ingest.

During part of the spring, all summer, and part of the fall, I cut my gym visits to twice a week.  I devote that third day to a bike ride.  Again, it's nothing major-- just an hour of pedaling, in the pre dawn hours, around the little towns near my home.  I really enjoy it.  In addition to the exercise, I savor the alone/think time.

The gym membership sprang from the bike ownership.  When it got too cold to ride during my first year, I joined the gym.  I've kept up the routine ever since.

My cut off is 50 degrees.  If it dips below 50, the bike stays locked up.  However, this year was special.  Thanks to above normal temperatures and the purchase of lightweight, synthetic thermals, I've been able to stretch a few extra weeks out of the riding season.  This is the first time I've been riding in November.  The 50 degree threshold has been trimmed by a few.

Alas, I think my cycling time is just about up.  The long range forecast isn't in my favor.  I fear it's time to put the bike away for the winter, the long, long winter.