Thursday, December 17, 2015

Turning the Page

I was just sitting at my desk, thinking of stand out stories and images from the year that's about to end.

I'm not counting stories covered by others-- just stories in which I had a hand.

I remember that day in May when I was in Selinsgrove, for the fire at Christ United Methodist Church.  There was so much damage, but also, so much resolve from church members.  The fire was a major kick in the teeth.  Yet, they vowed it wouldn't destroy the congregation.  They would come out of this stronger than before.

Just before the end of the school year, a little girl from East Stroudsburg was killed in a crash.  We were at the school to talk with a teacher, parents, and classmates.  That child made such a large impact during her short life.

In May, I was in Williamsport for another homicide.  I will never forget watching the fire department washing the victim's blood off the street and into a storm sewer.  What a sad ending, and what a waste.

Two good friends, Nick Horsky and Bob Reynolds, retired.  I miss them both.  Both taught me a lot, and I hope they are enjoying their time off.

The winter was too cold, too snowy, and too long.  There was an unforgettable morning, standing in 10 below weather in Freeland, doing a story on frozen pipes.

We watched Eric Frein in court.

We watched the Mall at Steamtown die a slow death, then show signs of life at year's end.

There were teacher strikes in the spring and fall.

Cheeky panties were lifted from Victoria's Secret inside the Wyoming Valley Mall.

I lost some good friends.

A young police officer injured and died.

Cabbage all over Interstate 81.

Tire fire.

The pope in Philadelphia.

Turmoil at my alma mater, Marywood, and 24 hour Egg McMuffins at McDonald's.

More radio industry deterioration.  No Letterman.  Mediocre Colbert.

I loved my January trip to Harrisburg to preview the new governor's inauguration.

It was a long year in Harrisburg.  No budget.  Plenty of trouble for the attorney general.

A massive water main break on a brutally hot summer's day, and 16 live shots to let people know what was going on.

Blog of the Year!

This space will be soon be occupied by some of my favorite photos from 2015, so it was time for a year-end-wrap.