Friday, January 8, 2016

Grand Theft Soda

I am confessing to the felony of fraud.

It is my Wednesday morning ritual.  After a couple of hours at the gym, I breeze on over to a Turkey Hill for a 44 ounce diet soda.

Being an environmentally conscious guy, as well as a cost conscious one, I always get one of my old cups refilled.  It's only 99 cents.  $ 1.05 with tax, soon to be higher.

There are two regulars on the Turkey Hill overnighter.  Friendly lady and crabby lady.  Keep that in mind.

Just before Christmas, I was refilling my cup at the Turkey Hill fountain when I looked down and realized I was refilling one of my old Sheetz cups!  They hold the same amount.

I could have transferred the soda into a new Turkey Hill cup and paid full price, or I could roll the dice and take my chances at the check out.  As luck would have it, crabby clerk was filling in for the nice one.  There was no doubt nice clerk would have laughed it off.  Crabby clerk?  Not so sure.

I filled the Sheetz cup to the brim and, terrified, walked over to the check out.  If crabby clerk realized the problem, she didn't say a word.  I paid my $ 1.05 and headed for the door.  Quickly.

I still feel guilty, but having given up my right to remain silent, the confession does make me feel a little better.