Friday, January 15, 2016


I haven't burdened you with this type of blog entry in quite a while...

It's my silly winter math game.

The three coldest months of the year are December, January, and February.  Do the math.  Winter is half over!

We've been lucky.  Above normal temperatures.  Below normal snow.

You can feel the days getting longer, the sun a little stronger.  We can still get some wicked storms in February and March, but you can feel the slow turn toward spring.

Regular blog readers know I don't enjoy summers as much as I once did.  Spending my days in an air conditioned darkened house to avoid the heat isn't my idea of fun.  I do love spring and fall.

Cold is okay.  You can always put on an extra heavy coat.  Snow and ice is another story.  I dislike sliding to work.

Having said all that, there is a fantastic charm and comfort to crawling under a mass of blankets on a cold winter night.

With any luck, those days are numbered.