Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Some unfinished business from the year gone by...

I can understand how Steve Harvey can botch the Miss Universe winner, but bet's face it.  He's not that good.  Family Feud ratings are up because the producers dumbed it down and dirtied it up.

McDonald's is testing macaroni and cheese in the Cleveland area.  I love mac and cheese, but the McDonald's touch is turning me off.

Has the ugly Christmas sweater thing run its course?  Talk about tired.  Can we try something else this year?

CBS has pulled the plug on its all news radio station in Washington/Baltimore.  Upstart all newsers have failed in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York in recent years.  It seems like it's tough to go up against the well established competitors, and if you're not in the game already, you won't be.

Disney has installed metal detectors at its theme parks.  I can see it happening at shopping malls in ten years.  Probably closer to five.

Barbara Walters picked Caitlin Jenner as the Most Fascinating Person of 2015.  Lack of imagination on Barbara's part.

Baseball's commissioner still won't let Pete Rose in the game.  Bravo!  I really feared the worst here.  Rose broke the biggest rule of all.  A lifetime ban is more than appropriate.

Penndot keeps trying to shine the disaster known as the Avoca airport interchange roundabouts.

I respect the popularity of the series, but all things Star Wars bore me to tears.

Sheldon and Amy finally had "relations" on The Big Bang Theory.  This series peaked long ago, but this was a very good episode.

The creep who jacked up the price of pharmaceuticals got whacked on stock charges.  As Imus would say, the man was due for a trip to the karma bank.