Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday Scrapple

I do feel sorry for those who make a living off snow and ice, but a dry winter is a lot safer than a wet one.  The cold is OK.  Just put on an extra sweater.  People get killed on snow and ice.

Twitter is considering doing away with the 140 character limit.  There are other avenues, like a blog, for people who choose to say more.  140 characters for Twitter is more than enough.

Another holiday tradition has manifested itself.  Every year, I can't wait for Christmas, my birthday, and New Year's Eve/Day to pass.  Once they do, I kick myself for not doing anything fun.

I heard a business expert on the radio predicting massive end of winter sales.  I went shopping Tuesday and found tons of stuff at big discounts.  Unfortunately, it was nothing I needed.  I came home with one thing-- a calendar from the dollar store featuring American lighthouses.

ABC broadcasts an NFL playoff game Saturday afternoon.  Even though it's a simulcast with ESPN, featuring announcers I really don't care for, it's still nice to see the NFL back on the big network.

I'll do a bigger blog entry on it someday soon, but I'm really enjoying Johnny Carson on WNEP2.

I splurged and tried European style butter the other day.  Yes, there is a difference-- mostly, in the priced.  It seemed richer and sweeter.  Was it worth the added expense?  Meh.  Not really.