Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hot Potato

The supermarket is full of impulse buy temptations.  If you want to avoid issues, maneuver your way around the sugary cereals, the ice cream, the frozen pizzas, and just about everything in the bakery.

You never associate the produce section with an impulse buy.  "Hey, there's some juicy looking kiwis." SAID NO ONE EVER!

There is a first time for everything.

I was making the pre dawn rounds at near by expansive supermarket last week when I saw baking potatoes that were the size of Buicks.  I couldn't resist.

Even though it was well before sunrise, I popped one in the microwave as soon as I got home.  And, yes, purists, I know they're better in a conventional oven, but I didn't have the time.  There are times when microwaving a giant potato is a challenge.  The ends cook before the middle.  I found you should take it out of the oven a few minutes early, and let it sit for a few.  The internal steam finishes it off quite nicely.

A little butter.  A little salt.  A lot of fresh ground black pepper.  Heaven.

If I was going to buy something on impulse, I'm glad it was something moderately healthy, even with a little butter.  It was filling.  Guilt free.  I could have made a worse choice.

The potato thing is out of my system for a while.  I can go through the produce section without fear of impulse.

I wonder what my next choice will be.