Friday, February 12, 2016

I Smell Spring

This seems like a strange time to be posting this, but spring is on the way.  I can smell it.

It's one of the rites of spring, and one of the rites of the blog.  Every year at this time, I write about an increase in skunk activity.  More than the robin, more than the groundhog, the skunk tells me more about the change of season.

As spring approaches, the aromatic critters go looking for love and looking for food.  I first noticed it back on February 1.  I was driving to work, and noticed a skunk was unsuccessful in his attempt to cross South Keyser Avenue in Taylor.  No, I didn't do the deed, but I saw the aftermath.  It wasn't pretty.

That ugly incident was followed by several more sightings and smellings.  They've had a busy couple of weeks.  I'm guessing the skunks will sense the current set backs-- brutal cold, and this is the longest time we've had prolonged snow cover, at least in the Scranton area, so far this winter.

Regardless of the animal kingdom, you can sense winter is on its way to becoming history.  More daylight, a slightly stronger sun, spring clothes for sale at the mall, the new LL Bean catalog...

Thank you, Mr. Skunk, for offering a little bit of hope-- and clearing my sinuses.