Thursday, February 25, 2016

That Season

I had two stops yesterday morning-- the barber shop and the car dealer.  The reason for the barber shop visit is obvious.  I was at the car dealer for an oil change and tire rotation.

They are two very different places.  Yet, they had something in common.

It seemed like everyone, in both places, was sick.

To say I was severely creeped out was an understatement.  I sat on my hands so I could avoid touching my face.  I washed every exposed part of my body when I got home, followed by a vitamin C tablet and a zinc tablet.

I'm not blaming one.  I've run errands and gone to work while sick.  You can't take a week off for a cold.  There is an illness going around the office, which, amazingly, I've been able to avoid.

There's really nothing you can do about it.  The germs are in the air.  Hard as you try, you can't avoid breathing.

I got a flu shot months ago, but that's not a 100 per cent guarantee of staying well.

All you can do is try to take care of yourself and hope for the best.

If I'm missing from your TV in the days to come, at least you know why.