Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Scrapple

"The Big Bang Theory" has turned into another average bickering couples sitcom.  There is still the occasional flash of wit and humor.  However, it is no longer "must see tv."

The new CBS Sports logo is underwhelming.

Winter goes by much quicker when there's no snow on the ground.

One of my former WARM program directors, John Hancock, has been working in Charlotte for several years.  He spent last week in San Francisco, for the Super Bowl.  John Instagrammed several photos last week.  It was nice to check in with an old friend.  Yes, John Hancock is his real name.  You can catch him 3-6 PM on WBT-1110.  Yes, they stream.

Hey, I was right about the Super Bowl.  And, also as predicted, I didn't watch a second of it.  I go back to my mantra:  defense wins games.

I don't eat chicken wings.  I like chicken.  I like spicy.  However, I don't want to fight to get a little greasy piece of meat un-stuck from a bone.

The New York newspapers say John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman have signed on to do the Yankees games on radio for another two years.  Guess what I won't be listening to.  These two are simply awful.

I actually had a guy call me Monday and demand we investigate Lady Gaga allegedly mispronouncing a word during the Super Bowl national anthem.  He said he saw it on Facebook, and we all know everything on Facebook is absolutely true.