Wednesday, March 2, 2016

About the Cover

There are certain places and structures I refer to as my "white whales."  No matter how hard I try, and as many times as I try, I can't get a good shot of them.

Case in point:  The Smurfit Arts Center on Vine Street in Scranton.  It belongs to the University of Scranton and below is a paragraph I lifted from Foursquare.

Named for it's benefactor from Ireland, Michael W.J. Smurfit, whose two sons, Anthony and Michael, attended the University. This building was the former John Raymond Memorial Church. The building was purchased for $125,000 in 1987.
Close ups don't work.  There are too many poles and power lines.  A WNEP photographer said I was better off shooting from a distance, and that's what I tried the other day.  It seemed to work, but you can still see the wires.

If I ever win Powerball, I will spend the money to have utility lines in this neighborhood buried.