Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Not that kind.

A friend and I were discussing television over lunch the other day, and I realized that there is no prime time television show I watch on a regular basis.

There's nothing out there that really justifies the investment of time and effort, at least for me.

I used to watch The Blacklist.  Big James Spader fan.  But, it got too bloody and gory.

I used to watch The Big Bang Theory, but as noted here earlier, it's become another bickering couples comedy.

I never cared about zombies and never will.

I understand there is some great stuff out there.  However, with my schedule, if I sit down to watch an hour long show, chances are, I'll be asleep before it's over.

Please, don't think I'm a television snob.

What do I watch?  How It's Made on Science.  Food Factory on FYI.  Join or Die on History.  Johnny Carson and Barney Miller on WNEP2.  Restaurant Impossible on Food.  Anything with puppies and kitties on Animal Planet

And of course, the news.  Lots of news.

On Demand and the internet, when Comcast decides to turn it on, are my friends.

Unfortunately, the programmers are not.