Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Scrapple

Is there a more senseless activity than the twice yearly time changes?

Johnny Carson reruns have helped fill the Letterman void.

I say it every year:  Scranton's St. Patrick's parade is not a family event.

I try to wear at least one pastel tie every weekend around Easter.

Irish soda bread is one of the joys of spring.  Simple and delicious.

I started playing with a triceps machine at the gym.  Days of pain after the first experience, but I'll do it again.

It's almost bicycle season.  Because I ride in the dark, with the proper safety precautions, I usually wait for 50 degree overnight lows.  My first ride last year was in late April.

Don't ask me why, but I've been reading about great disagreements over how to scramble an egg.  Do you add water, milk, half and half, or nothing?  This isn't rocket science.  I usually do a tiny bit of water.  I've found dairy dulls the flavor.

I dumped SnapChat.  It was eating up battery life, and I got tired of puppy faces, vomit rainbows,  and people having a good time.