Saturday, April 9, 2016

Andy's Angles: The WARM Window

The statute of limitations has run out, so now, the story can be told.

This is a window on the side of the former WARM Building in Avoca.

Back in my day, it was a drafty old thing.  It had three louvered panels, and they opened with a crank.  It was just a horrible, inefficient thing.  It looks like it's been replaced, and that's a good thing.

It is that ability to open that is the subject of today's entry.

There were a few, not many, slow afternoons in the news department.  I would sneak away to get ice cream or frozen yogurt for myself and a couple of my co workers.  They used to open the window, and I'd pass it through the window from the parking lot so our afternoon frozen treat break would go undetected by management.

I've been out of there for 25 years.  What are they going to do, fire me?