Thursday, April 14, 2016

Brushing Up

Were you ever asked a question that made sense, and was absurd at the same time?

It happened to me yesterday morning.  My dog and I were at the veterinarian's office.  The vet and I were discussing a lot of things, including dental health (the dog's, not mine).

I was picking up a fresh tube of doggie tooth paste on the way out.  The vet's assistant asked me if I wanted melon-mint, or poultry flavor.

The choices were new ones on me.  It was blazing hot in there.  I was a little tired.  I wanted out, and I resisted the temptation to snap back with with a wise arse remark.

I did say something like "The dog never expressed a preference."  I asked what seems to be most popular in the canine community.  The assistant explained that many owners go for the melon-mint if the dog is a big kisser and licker.  My dog, the best rescue dog ever, has never been a kisser.  We went  for the poultry flavor, and we'll try it out this weekend.

Personally, I go for the same flavor of Listerine every time (arctic mint), but I do get bored with toothpastes and switch flavors frequently.  I do like the Colgate Max Fresh with Breath Strips, but I'm working on a tube of Crest cinnamon right now.

Curious as I may be, the dog's poultry flavor tooth paste is safe.