Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dog Days

It is one of the simple joys of life and one of the great joys of life-- walking the dog.

My Monday morning Newswatch 16 assignment was a cold weather story.  Temperatures were running twenty degrees below normal.  The overnight low nearly tied the record.  It was barely above freezing.

One of my favorite places to do cold weather stories is Nay Aug Park in Scranton.  There are always walkers, joggers, and people exercising  their dogs.  Well, I've seen better days at Nay Aug.  Other than people going to work at the hospital and some construction workers, the park was void of recreational users.  One guy blew us off, and not in a pleasant manner.

And then, there was Billy and Jim.  Jim's the dog.  They looked like they were having the best time-- romping through the grass, chasing a big old stick.  Jim was the stick chaser, to clarify.  Billy explained Jim loves the chill-- and the park.

It reminded me of my elderly beagle.  She never liked the heat.  We don't walk as far as we once did.  Old age.  But, if there is a cold morning, she's a puppy again.  A cold morning isn't the greatest for the one holding the leash, but if the beagle's happy, I'm happy, and having a happy beagle is all that counts.