Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

First and foremost, please don't forget what the day is all about.  It's important.  There so many people and groups making sure sacrifices are honored and never forgotten.  It is a noble task.

Memorial Day is the kick off of the summer season.  When you're a kid, it means the end of the school year is in sight.  Warm days.  Wiffle ball.  Riding bikes,  Assorted other fun.

Barbecues.  Family.  Friends.

I'll be working today, and that's not a problem.  When you get in the news business, working holidays is part of the package.  It's the life we've chosen.  I'll take a day off next week to compensate.

As I've said here many times in the past, Memorial Day is a tough one.  Every community has a service or ceremony.  There are several parades.  We try to cover as many as we can.  Unfortunately, we can't get to them all.  That often leaves some bruised feelings, and I apologize.  We have a big staff, but there are limits.  A lot of observances happen at the same time.  You have to make choices.  If we don't make it to your town, I'm sorry.  It doesn't mean you're less important to us.

It's also the kick off of the summer driving season.  Sorry for the cliche, but be careful out there.

We hope to see you tomorrow.