Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Scrapple

The federal government has blocked a Staples/Office Depot merger because it feared higher prices for office supplies.  Now, both chains are closing stores and laying off workers.  Stock prices are down.  It looks like a lose-lose situation.

I know a lot of people are already sick of the presidential race, but I still find it fascinating.  Trump racks up votes while having high negatives.  Clinton can't deliver the death blow to a 74 year old socialist.

Wrong way driving seems to be the topic of the week.  I'm asked about it everywhere I go.  Why so many lately?  It seems that if you solve the drunk driving problem, you solve the wrong way driving problem.  Good luck with that.

I've grown weary of the Kelly & Michael saga.

The Arizona Diamnodbacks are sporting dark grey road uniforms, and I like them a lot.

It appears Penn State hasn't learned anything from the last round of sexual abuse allegations.  Well, it was actually more than allegations.  It was proven.  Jay Mohr on FOX Sports Radio got it right.  He said Penn State needs to "write the checks and walk away from the fire."

The search for a new Luzerne County manager was a drawn out and painful affair.  I wonder how many are having second thoughts about changing the form of county government.  I'm sure the county council thing will be tweaked in the years to come, but I can't see a return to the past.

I never thought I'd say it, but I enjoyed looking art Snedeker's ant farm.

The Mall at Steamtown is turning in to more of a multi use building than a shopping center, but any activity is good activity.

Morley Safer is retiring from 60 Minutes and CBS News.  Safer was the guy who replaced one of the originals, Harry Reasoner, when he left for ABC.  Saying Safer's career was "amazing" would be an understatement.