Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Scrapple

I've been watching quite a few Major League Baseball games recently, along with highlights of minor league games.  Wow!  All I'm seeing are empty seats.  Yes, I realize attendance usually lags until summer is here and the kids are out of school.

It's a sad financial fact.  I like paying less for gasoline, but low oil prices mean stocks dip.  Oil goes up and my stocks go up.  Can't win.

I'm not looking forward to intense summer heat.  But then again, this recent cold, rainy snap has been a bit much.

Once again, I came close to pulling the plug on LinkedIn.  It's become a site for silly inspirational claptrap and Facebook type silliness.

The network fall offerings haven't triggered intrigue on my part.

Google has discontinued the Picasa photo program.  A souped up Google Photos is in its place.  Unfortunately, it's not as good.  I've been searching about for something similar to take its place.

My internet radio and Amazon Echo have become indispensable companions.  There is some really good radio out there, especially major market all news stations.

I tried one of those automated key making machines in a big box discount store.  Much to my amazement, it worked, and the key I duplicated was for an old lock.

Wendy's is looking to cut labor costs by installing touch screen ordering machines.  I hate to see people lose their jobs, but if it gets me in and out faster...

I never thought I'd use Amazon as much as I do.

Where does Taylor Swift put all her awards?

RIP, Morley Safer-- an industry giant.