Friday, June 3, 2016

Black and White

I like skunks.  I really do.  They're cute little creatures, with a funny little gait.  I'm told no two are colored exactly alike.

As is noted here yearly, the first scent of skunk is the signal spring is approaching.

Yes, they do have some negatives.  They can tear up your trash pretty quickly.  They can destroy a lawn as they search for grubs.  And, by the way, they smell.

Now that the foundation has been laid, the reason for today's entry.  This appears to be a banner year for skunks.

The internet says most skunks are born in late May.  I suspect it was a little earlier this year because of the mild winter.  There are a heck of a lot of critters out there.

I do most of my bike riding by moonlight, and I have been seeing more skunks than cars this summer.  No problems.  They have the yards and trash cans.  I have the street.  Close encounters are non existent, but I know they're around, and vice versa.  They'll scurry away from curbside as I pedal a little faster to get out of spray range.

Why the population increase?  I really don't know.  Skunks begat skunks, like bunnies.  Predators?  It seems like more are taken out by Buicks than other animals.

I'll keep watching-- from a distance.