Friday, June 10, 2016


Last week, it was the skunks who joined me on my moonlight bike ride.  This week, it was the bunnies.

To get you up to speed, I work all night and sleep all day.  I keep the same schedule on my days off.  It's easier that way.  As the years accumulated, the adjustment and readjustment became more difficult.

First of all, I nearly blew off the bike ride.  While it was above my 50 degree cut off, the wind was rather frisky.  I love to ride, so I bundled up and headed out, anyway.  I'm glad I did.

It didn't take long for me to warm up.  The streets were deserted, except for rabbits in yards and a couple crossing the street.  By the way, you can really hear their claws/nails scratch the pavement as they scurry to get away.

They are adorable animals.  There is no one set way to react to the goof on the bike pedaling down the street.  Some freeze.  Others scamper.  It makes no difference.  I'm not a threat.  If there are any rabbits reading this, relax.  I am your friend.

You encounter quite the menagerie when you're out early in the morning.  I've seen deer, opossum, rabbits, skunks and dozens of alley cats.  No squirrels or chipmunks.  They must be normal, and sleep at night.

I don't get hung up on cool weather, but I do marvel how quickly things change around here.  Last week, I rode in shorts and a tee shirt.  This week, it was sweats and a fleece lined nylon jacket-- like I wore during the winter. I'd really like to go back to the shorts and tee shirt.