Tuesday, October 4, 2016

About the Cover

The header photo should be called something like "many peaks."

As I was covering a water main break in West Pittston last week, I looked off in to the distance, and saw a steeple.  As photographer Lou was editing my noon story, I took a walk a few blocks over for a closer look.

This is the old West Pittston First Presbyterian Church on Exeter Avenue.

I had actually been here before.  We parked our mobile newsroom in the church lot as I did a story on the reopening of the flood damaged West Pittston Public Library.

As I did a little research, I came across a Sunday Dispatch story that said the congregation moved out after the flood, and they never came back.  The building was sold   I couldn't find any information on the new owner or the plans for the building.
It's a great structure, but a photographer's nightmare.  Once again, power lines vexed me.