Friday, December 30, 2016

Top Ten: 9/11 and Flags

Today, it's two events near and dear to me, and they've become fixtures in the Top 10.  This year, I've joined them together.

So much of 9/11 is looking back, and viewing at those horrible images again and again.

9/11 should also be a day of looking forward, and hoping we make the planet a safer place for our kids.

This photo was taken around noon on 9/11/16, in Jessup, at the SGT Jan Argonish Motorcycle Run.  SGT Argonish was killed in Afghanistan in 2007.

Below is a shot from the set up of Marywood University's annual flag field.  Each flag represents a man or woman who lost their life in service to our country in recent wars.  Marywood has been doing it for several years.  It never loses its impact.  It makes me proud of my alma mater.

Tomorrow, the top photos of 2016.