Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First Person: Violence

I barely had time to take my coat off at 2:30 Monday morning.  Shooting and stabbing, East Broad Street, Hazleton.

Photographer Jason loaded up one of our trucks and we headed south.  It was quite the scene as we came down the avenue-- flashing red and blue lights all over the place, a dozen police officers, and a lot of blood on the sidewalk.

We got some quick facts from one of the detectives, and it was time to get on the air, plus update social media.  The chief later arrived and filled in the blanks.

Man and woman fought in club.  Fight moved to sidewalk.  Man stabs woman.  Security guard shoots man who had the knife.  I've been doing this a long time, and this was a new one on me.

There are many days I'm thankful I got my start in radio.  It trained me in quickly spotting the essential elements of the story, boiling it down quickly and efficiently.  Yes, I'm allowed to pat myself on the back once in a while.

After the last units cleared the scene, and I watched the fire department hose the blood off the sidewalk, it was time to return to the office and put together a story for our noon broadcast.

Photograher Dave put it together.  Next thing you knew, a live update was on the air, and it was time to hand off the story to someone else.

Someone once said that, when it comes to bars, nothing good ever happens after midnight.  I'm sure we'll be following this one for a while.  It appears the security guard will not be charged.  It's likely the security guard prevented a homicide.

As it stands now, both the shooting victim and the stabbing victims will survive.  This one could have ended a lot worse.