Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let There Be Light

It was a question photographer Jason and I heard a lot one week ago:  "Why Weston?"

It was election day morning, and we wanted a place where we could introduce our election preview stories.  Scranton was selected because the largest city in our coverage area is electing a mayor this year and there was a hot race for the Republican nomination for Lackawanna County district attorney.

As you might have figured out, there's not a lot going on at polling places at 4:30 AM.  Finding an interesting background is a challenge.  Most polling places are boring buildings in the dark-- fire stations, church halls, schools, town halls, etc.  There is an exception, and I found it-- Weston Field, along Providence Road.

While we come with our own lights, you can't beat the architectural and security lighting at Weston Field.  Plus, it's a great looking building-- big white columns, trees, green grass...  I really liked the look, and it is one of the most visually interesting polling places in our area.

There was a bonus-- the voters and the poll workers here were all exceptionally nice.  Thank you for the hospitality.

Bonus number two:  ample parking!

There is no law against going back to Weston Field in November, but we would like to mix it up, for variety's sake.  If you have a suggestion for an interesting and well lit background, drop me a line.  Thanks.