Friday, June 23, 2017

Business Friday

Food and media today...

Subway thinks the way to reverse a slide is to install self service touch screen ordering stations and video menu boards.  Touch screens work elsewhere, but Subway is one of those places where you can guide the "sandwich artist" through the customization and creation process.  I'm not sure how touch screens will work with that.  As I see it, here's the reason for the decrease in sales:  Subway used to be a place to get a fast and reasonably priced lunch.  Service speed is still okay, but Subway isn't the value it used to be.

McDonalds is experimenting with fresh, rather than frozen beef.  Great idea.  On the other hand, it slows down the process because the burgers have to be cooked to order, rather than in advance.  McDonald's service is already slow.  This can't be good.

Sirius XM announced a deal where it streams through Amazon's Echo.  Very smart.  I used to have a home Sirius XM radio and loved it.  Unfortunately, it became lass of a value after some talk channels were dropped and the price went up.  I'm not in a one month free trial.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm watching an experiment in Buffalo, NY.  WECK 1230/102.9 has switched to a "full service" format.  It's like those AM radio stations of the past-- disc jockeys, plenty of news and weather, community involvement, etc.  Music is for adults.  I've been listening a lot lately, and it brings back some pleasant memories.  Whether it's financially feasible and commercially viable is a different story.  My fingers are crossed.