Saturday, July 29, 2017

Andy's Angles: Farewell

I've blogged about the old terminal at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport before.  Long story short.  As a kid, it was an occasional Sunday afternoon destination with the family.  It was a burger, or apple pie with ice cream in the restaurant.  Then, a trip upstairs to the observation deck to watch arrivals and departures.  Mom, Dad, my brother, my sister, and I.  There was always a Sunday drive somewhere.  Yes, there were days when airports actually encouraged you to watch what was happening on the runway.  And yes, I understand the need for contemporary security.

The building has outlived its usefulness, and it's time for it to go.  I get that.  It still makes me sad.

I was bringing my father home from a medical appointment at the Veterans Association Medical Center in Plains Township Wednesday morning.  I made a little detour to swing through the airport to show my father an up close look at the demolition he had seen on Newswatch 16 the night before.  We talked a little bit about those Sundays, probably 45 years ago.

Even though the site is destined to become a parking lot, I will always see that old terminal in my mind.