Thursday, September 7, 2017

First Timer

Never been to Spain, but I've been to Oklahoma.
--Three Dog Night

I was exchanging internet notes with my friend, Shauna recently.  I asked about her recent trip to Olive Garden, and I admitted I had never been to one.  She was shocked.  That prompted me to list the chain restaurants I've never visited.  It's nothing against these places.  I just never had the desire or opportunity.

--Buffalo Wild Wings
--Texas Roadhouse
--Lone Star
--Old Country Buffet
--Bob Evans
--California Pizza Kitchen
--Cheesecake Factory
--Ci Ci's Pizza
--Dave & Buster's
--Eat n Park
--Golden Corral
--Logan's Roadhouse
--Planet Hollywood
--Hard Rock
--Shake Shack
--Steak n Shake
--Tilted Kilt

And, this is only a list of chain restaurants with outlets in the northeastern United States.  I'm sure I've missed more than a few.

While this list is long, so is the list of places I HAVE visited.

I'm sure all these places are perfectly fine, but as I look at the list, nothing jumps out at me as a restaurant I MUST try.

I'm sure the list will be whittled down, ever so slightly, in time.