Friday, September 22, 2017


I've written about this before, but it's been a while.

WalMart founder Sam Walton had a concept.  If you looked carefully, you could see an MBWA sign near the office area in his stores.  It stood for Management By Walking Around.  Walton didn't want his managers in the office.  He wanted them out on the floor, looking around, seeing what worked, what didn't, talking to customers, talking to employees...

I don't manage anything, but I do walk around, ride my bike, and observe...

Some recent mental notes include the following:

We love pizza.  It seems there's a constant stream of pizza delivery cars patrolling the streets, and the big boxes in the trash afterward.

An internet pet supply company appears to be exploding.  The package companies are always dropping off those boxes with the blue logo.  They are a frequent sight on area porches.

All my evidence is anecdotal, but it appears there's an uptick in homes for sale.

And if you're selling a house, off street parking is surely a plus.  Parking is at a premium in most neighborhoods.

We still haven't gotten a handle on the pothole problem.  There are some really rough streets out there.

Is fracking on the upswing?  A local hotel used to be filled with gas industry workers.  It was quiet for a long time.  Now, the parking lot is filled again.

I never get tired of seeing skunks and bunnies.  I can do without possums.