Monday, September 18, 2017


One of the local newspapers that's having trouble getting its issues out on the streets has a new circulation manager.  I sincerely hope things improve.

While I envy young people, and all the technology they have available to them, I'm sorry they missed out on the newspaper glory days.  It was such a thrill to hear the thump on the front porch, signaling the arrival of the morning paper, or the one that used to publish in the afternoon.  The world was on your doorstep, plus the comics!

On a similar note, ABC's overnight broadcast, during Hurricane Harvey, played clips of its broadcasts from Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago.  Peter Jennings anchored World News Tonight.  Ted Koppel was the face of Nightline.  Pardon the pun, it blew me away.

First, the theme music.  Heavy on horns, and that signature four note opening that let you know ABC was on the air.  I'm so sorry the network has drifted away from that.  WNT and Nightline were big on solid story telling and light on theatrics.

How I miss those days.

I also miss going to the big box office supply stores and wandering through the software aisle.  Graphics programs, games, assorted other utilities...  Most of that, except for anti virus software is gone.  No more dvd's.  Everything is a download.  Much more efficient.  Much less fun.

By the way, Reminiscing has always been one of my favorite songs.