Thursday, September 14, 2017

Take 2

Wow!  It's been a long time since I've done one of these.  So long, I couldn't find the old Take 2 logo, and I had to make a new one.

To get you up to speed, it's a little like "Unfinished Business" and "Follow Up File."  It's a revised opinion on a previous topic.  More often than not, I will admit when I'm wrong.

Today, it's Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys' quarterback retired last year and took a job with CBS Sports.  The head of the sports division took the gutsy move and installed a rookie as part of the #1 NFL team.  Back when it happened, I said it was an unwise move.  Groom the guy.  Give him lesser games.  Learn the craft.  In a few years, he'll be ready for the top.

While I didn't see and hear Romo's regular season debut, I have read the reviews.  They are all consistently very good.  The head of CBS Sports now looks like a genius, and the hesitant crowd, including me, appear to be ninnies.

I was wrong-- to a limited extent.  Even though Romo's first game was good, I still would have taken the conservative route.

Although, I'm reminded of something Larry King once said about risk takers:  They're hurt more, but they're also rewarded more.

Bottom line:  CBS seems to have found itself a new star, and former #1 analyst Phil Simms has a nice new home in the studio.