Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Train

I finally saw it!

The John Oliver WNEP train was trucked in town on a day when I had to be asleep at noon because I was working an overnight shift.  The same goes for the unveiling and the "free" grand opening weekend.

Even though I had seen it on TV, I just had to see it in person, so I stopped by the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton for an up close look.

To say the least, it's interesting-- and massive.  Unfortunately, due to it's size, we can't take it on tour.  That would have been great.  Also, it's made of cardboard and foam-- not the most durable materials.  It needed a permanent home, and the Trolley Museum is a great solution.

There is an admission charge.  Take comfort in knowing that your dollars will go toward preserving our trolley heritage for years to come, and you'll have a great time looking around the museum.  The trolley system looked like a great one, and I'm sorry it went away.  Trolleys disappeared when cars became affordable and the rest is history.