Friday, September 8, 2017


Regular blog readers know that a sleeping Homer appearance means I'm on vacation.  My time off actually began Labor Day at noon.

Ever since I've been earning vacation time, in the early 80's, I've taken a week or so in September.  It's a great month.  The weather cools off.  Kids are back in school.  Nothing is crowded.

There is a down side.  The news business usually picks up after the summer doldrums.  As I'm locking up my desk, there is always a story or two I'm sorry I won't be doing.  As I write this, teachers in a few school districts are on the verge of striking.  A major hurricane, one of the strongest ever, is headed for the U.S. mainland.

I've already accomplished a few of my vacation goals, including a visit to KMart.  It's not a happy place.  I've been on my bike.  I've visited the gym.  But then again, those are things I do every week.

The weekend morning broadcasts are in the very capable hands of Stacy Lange.  I'll see you on the internet until I'm back at work.