Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Giveth and Taketh

It's change of season time, and that means more than different temperatures and earlier sunsets.

I will really miss the aroma of a freshly mown lawn. It's one of the scents of summer.  Loved it as a kid.  Love it as an adult.  It's magic.

It's only early October.  There is still some lawn mowing left to do.  There is also some bike riding time in there, and I know those days are numbered as well.

While bikes and lawns go away, something returns.  I've written about this before, and it's not the easiest thing to put in to words.  You really have to experience it.

It seems to be more pronounced in the fall and winter.  There's a cemetery around the corner from me, and it features several tall evergreens.  The wind makes an ominous wooshing sound when it whips through those trees, and it takes me back to the similar sound the wind and a tree made outside my bedroom window as a kid.

The bedroom window tree is long gone, and the cemetery recently reduced its number of evergreens.  During a recent walk, I recently discovered there are still enough to make that spooky woosh, a sound that takes me back to stormy nights and windy winter days.

 There is that youthful innocence of the smell of freshly cut grass.  There is that windy sound that takes you back to childhood, and the charm of going for a walk on a grey fall day.

The bottom line is that every season has its charm, and it might not be something that jumps right out at you.