Tuesday, October 31, 2017

One Week

It's not just Halloween.  It's one week until the general election.

Most of my election prep work is done-- the research and the writing, although I'll keep tweaking right up until the time we go on the air, at 4:30 AM, one week from now.

As I look at sample ballots from several counties, especially and including Lackawanna, I am continually shocked and saddened by the lack of competitive races.  Many candidates have zero opposition, and that makes me sad.

The dominoes tumble.  A lack of competitive races leads to voter apathy, and that translates into low turnout.  Some counties will be lucky to hit 33 per cent next week.

It's too late to fix this year, but another election is just a few months away.  Good men and women need to seriously think about getting in the game.