Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday Scrapple

It's nice to see the New England Patriots are mortal, and the Pittsburgh Steelers seem out of control.

I'd rather spend my day with the radio, Drew Carey, Night Court, Barney Miller, and Scrubs reruns rather than most new things on TV.

Burger King is introducing spicy chicken nuggets because Wendy's dropped its spicy chicken nuggets.  I'll probably try them, even though to most fast food chains, "spicy" translates into "salt."

A fall chill has its charm, but it will be here soon enough.  Enjoy the warmth.

I need to get my driver's license picture taken, and I dread it-- even though my last couple of visits have been quick ones.

Hurricanes, fires...  I will forever be in awe of nature.

Part of my work Monday was dedicated to getting election preview stories ready.  Where has the year gone?  It seems like the primary was yesterday.

I'll be meeting with my accountant to do income tax returns before you know it.

Keeping a schedule in my phone isn't my thing.  I find Post Its and Sharpies more effective.  Both are marvelous inventions.

Fall foliage colors don't quite seem right this year.

Still at 140 characters on Twitters, and I'm still okay with that.

I know a lot of roads need to be paved, but do we have to do them all at once?

The U.S. soccer team won't participate in the World Cup this year.  Sorry.  I just can't get interested in soccer.

Perhaps I'd be watching the MLB playoffs if I could find them on TV.

The Yankees' story is proving to be, by far, the most interesting of the post season.

Say it isn't so!  Dunkin' Donuts is considering reducing the variety of donuts it offers.

You don't appreciate how important they are until you grab a jacket without a tech pocket.