Friday, February 2, 2018


This is another one of those games where I wish both teams would lose.

I dislike everything about the cheating New England Patriots.  I have no issue with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Their fans are another story.  The Minnesota Vikings' bus was pelted with beer bottles after the NFC championship game two weeks ago.  Totally classless.  There have been other incidents of horrible fan misbehavior.  I'm sure you've seen them.

But, I do have to pick someone and here goes...

My history is to pick the team with the best defense.  Philadelphia has the slight edge here.

On the other hand, I have a hard time picking against New England.

Nick Foles is a great story, and it would be wonderful to see the well traveled back up defeat the future Hall of Famer., Tom Brady  I just can't do it.

New England wins, but they don't cover.  Take Philadelphia and the points.

I will be asleep during the game.  My Amazon Echo will be serenading me with a steady stream of oldies.  No football allowed.  Seriously, I have not watched a Super Bowl since 1999.

Once again, spare me the discussion of Super Bowl commercials.  Most are underwhelming.  If you see me coming, please change the subject.

Let's hope 2018 is a better season.