Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Gamble

It's part of my weekend morning producing ritual-- go to the lottery web sites to check the payouts.They are usually updated around 2 AM, unless there is a big jackpot.  That usually slows things down a bit.

I had to look twice Sunday morning, when I saw that a Powerball ticket worth $ 457 million was sold here in Pennsylvania.  That's news!  I put lottery stories in the "local news" segments of the broadcast.  The lottery is huge here in our area.  There is usually a line at the mini mart machines, even when the jackpots aren't enormous.

So, where do I fall in this whole thing?  I'm thrilled a Pennsylvanian knocked off a big Powerball jackpot, but it's not going to change my view.  If you enjoy playing the lottery, outstanding!  I wish you all the luck in the world.  It's just not for me.  The odds aren't very good, and I'd rather spend my money on other things.

I've tried the casinos a few times over the years.  It's really not all that difficult to break even on the slots.  However, after just a few minutes of pushing buttons, I get bored.  I really don't know how people can do it hour after hour.  Again, if you enjoy it, keep doing it.

Table games?  While I'm a smart person and know the rules, I still find them rather intimidating.  They're not for me.

It's odd because I loved dice games as a kid-- studying potential rolls, odds and possibilities.  I'm still fascinated, in a way, but my money stays in my pocket.