Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I'm Touched

A couple of my coworkers put together an occasional feature for our Facebook page.  It's called "Get to Know."  Staffers, on and off camera, answer 16 questions.  It's cute, informative, and very well done.

By the way, the grumpy old man declined to participate.  I've had the blog for more than 13 years.  If  you don't know me by now...

Anyway, this week's subject is 6 PM news producer Brian Holmes.  One of the questions was "Who is your favorite person at WNEP?"  I was shocked when the answer was me.

I am truly flattered.

Brian and I go back to the old days, when we both worked across the street.  We parted company in 1998, when I moved to WNEP.  Brian stayed, but eventually took a couple of jobs in upstate New York, before joining WNEP eleven years ago.

The memory is exceptionally fuzzy, but I think we were part of the same group that sampled local night life.

One of the things that gives me great joy is when people you met as broadcasting and journalism pups move on to bigger things.  Please note, I didn't say "better things."  I still hear from a few.  It makes my day when they note something they picked up from me, a long time ago.

Do yourself a favor.  Check out this week's "Get to Know."  Look at old ones, and keep an eye out for new ones.