Thursday, August 30, 2018


It is a story I tell every year at this time, and it always prompts laughs and other comments.

I bought my bike, six years ago, on the Thursday before Labor Day.  I'd been considering a purchase for some time, and I checked out a few stores.  Lousy customer service delayed my pulling the bike trigger.  No one wanted to help, so I walked out of stores empty handed.

A wave of determination hit me on this day in 2012, and I visited a bicycle specialty shop.  I knew I'd pay a little more, but I knew I'd be talking with people who knew their stuff and who wanted to make a sale.  I also knew a specialty shop would be the place for advice and service after the sale.

I walked in and told one of the guys that I just wanted a simple bike to pedal around town, nothing hard core.  He wheeled out an acceptable model.  My credit card went out and within minutes, it was in the back of my little SUV.

Here is where the problems started.  I stopped for a Whopper, no mayonnaise, fries, and diet Coke on the way home.  When I unloaded the bike, I jumped on and took off down the block, like I was a kid again.  Well, I'm no kid.  Plus, it was a broiling hot and humid afternoon.  After a few blocks, I turned around and headed home, got off the bike, exhausted and dripping in sweat.  I made it to the bathroom, where I lost my lunch.

However, I persevered.  I went a little longer every week.  This year, i set a record of 31.3 miles, and rides in the teens and 20's are not out of the ordinary.  It's a great form of exercise and fantastic fun.

I regret not starting off a little more sensibly, but I never regretted buying the bike.