Friday, March 8, 2019

The Perfect Fit

A while back, I blogged about broadcasters who were the perfect fit in their jobs.  Katie Couric was made to be a "Today" host.  Megan Kelly killed it on FOX.  I don't blame either for jumping at big bucks offers, even though they turned out to be failures.

Alex Trebek hosted a lot of game shows before "Jeopardy" came along.  There were several while he handled "Jeopardy" duties.  I'll level with you.  I always he thought he was a stiff, but he was perfect at "Jeopardy."  One of the morning news anchors on WCBS radio yesterday compared Trebek to Walter Cronkite-- a man who you like and trust, and you welcome him in to your home every night. 

I grew up with the great Art Fleming as "Jeopardy" host.  I loved his voice and his presence, and I thought he moved the game along a bit better than Trebek.  Be that as it may.  Alex Trebek is enjoying an amazing run on one of TV's more difficult shows to host.

Alex Trebek went public with his pancreatic cancer diagnosis on Wednesday.  Wow!  That's a tough one.  The odds are not the greatest.  Let's pray for the best.